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Officers and Directors of CanadaFest





Louis St-LaurentMr. St. Laurent was born in Quebec and studied at Loyola College in Montreal.

His Grandfather was the prime minister of Canada and his father worked in Canada's Chamber of Commons. Mr. St. Laurent obtain his diploma from Stetson College in Florida in 1964.

He worked as General Counsel Assistant in the Department of transportation of the State of Florida and spent 10 years as Chief Deputy Counsel of State in Fort Myers.

He currently represents several associations of mobile home parks in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach as well as four other counties in the west coast of Florida. Louis St. Laurent is the president and coordinator of the publication Le Soleil de la Floride. He has been with CanadaFest for 14 years, including 11 years serving as Chairman.

Vice President and Event Manager



Yves BeauchampMr. Beauchamp was born at l’Ascension, Labelle, in the upper Laurentides region. He studied in Granby and in 1974

Il a fait ses études à Granby et en 1974, aquired his father's farm. In the 15 years that followed he operated a scholastic transport company, a garage, a service station, and several other businesses. He also has a pilot's license for small aircrafts. In 1989, he sold his business in order to immigrate to Hollywood, Florida. He became the owner of a small motel and became a real estate agent. Yves Beauchamp is the Vice President/General Director of the newspaper publication Le Soleil de la Floride and has been the Vice President/Event Manager of CanadaFest for fourteen years now.



Yves BeauchampOriginally from Montreal, Micheline Lafond worked in management and customer service for over 35 years. Distinguished volunteer, her accomplishments are of many: responsible of the Club Richelieu musical picnic in Pembroke Park, President of South Florida’s Club Richelieu for 5 years, in charge of the Christmas Food Drive for South Florida’s Club Richelieu, involved in a fundraiser benefiting Joe DiMaggio Hospital, volunteer at CanadaFest for 10 years and volunteer at l’Envol in Ville Lemoyne. This will be her fourth year as Director of CanadaFest, a role she graciously accepted.




Jan. 28-29, 2017